21 feb. 2013

Taller Mobile Geospatial Augmented Reality (GAR)

El próximo 28 de febrero se realizará en las dependencias del Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (ICC), en Barcelona, el taller "Mobile Geospatial Augmented Reality (GAR)"

El programa incluye las siguientes sesiones:

  • 09.30: Opening Remarks and welcome session (Christine Perey / PEREY Research & Consulting AR Standards Community)
  • 10.00: Experience developer perspective: choosing the right tool for the right job. Use Cases and experiences. (Giovanni Landi/ Darts Engineering/UBICAsrl)
  • 10.30: Experience Developer Tools and the Power behind the Augmented City. (Frank Angermann, Director AR Projects & Services - Metaio GmbH )
  • 11.15: Information Publisher perspective: Mobile GAR in the SmartCity context. (Verónica Gutierrez - Univ. Cantabria –SmartSantander)
  • 11.40: Visualising your geoinformation within the real-world. (Mike Reynolds – Augmented Technologies)
  • 12.00: OGC standards for AR: state of play. (George Percival – OGC)
  • 12.15: Conclusions and Panel discussion. (Moderated by Christine Perey)

La inscripción es gratuita en el siguiente enlace http://goo.gl/RkWvT

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