24 dic. 2012

Número de URISA dedicado a la cartografia participativa

El último número del URISA Jounal (Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) está dedicado por completo a la cartografía participativa (Public Participation GIS, PPGIS).

Este es el índice:
  • Michelle M. Thompson and Kelly D. Owens: Introduction to Public Participation Geographic Information Systems Special Issue
  • Greg Brown: Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) for Regional and Environmental Planning:
    Reflections on a Decade of Empirical Research
  • Ram Alagan and Seela Aladuwaka: Innovative Public Participatory GIS Methodologies Adopted to Deal with the Social Impact Assessment Process Challenges: A Sri Lankan Experience 
  • Steve Cinderby, Annemarieke de Bruin, Piran White, and Meg Huby: Analyzing Perceptions of Inequalities in Rural Areas of England Using a Mixedmethods Approach 
  • Michael Martin, Brianne Peters, and Jon Corbett: Participatory Asset Mapping in the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya 
  • Peter A. Johnson and Renee E. Sieber: Increasing Access to and Use of Geospatial Data by Municipal Government and Citizens: The Process of “Geomatization” in Rural Québec 
  • Marc Schlossberg, Cody Evers, Ken Kato, and Christo Brehm: Active Transportation, Citizen Engagement and Livability: Coupling Citizens and Smartphones to Make the Change 
  • Alenka Poplin: Web-based PPGIS for Wilhelmsburg, Germany: An Integration of Interactive
    GIS-based Maps with an Online Questionnaire

Se puede descargar completo aquí.

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